Monday, 2 September 2013

Another Busy Day

Firstly, apologies to Ian and Karen on Tacet who called in to see me at Uplands this morning after I'd told them I'd be there. Truth is, I don't like being in the marina much. Prior to Uplands I've always had on-line moorings and I miss the comings and goings both on the cut and the towpath when I'm "inside".
Also, for the work I'm doing on Starcross the marina is not the best place. The pontoons are at a very inconvenient height for painting between the waterline and the gunwales and the wooden slats are uncomfortable to sit or kneel on. They are also quite narrow and as there is no boat opposite at the moment I'm afraid I'll trip - or take a step back to admire my work - and end up in the water. It's much easier to work from the towpath. Today I put two coats of gloss on the nose cone, two coats of woodstain on the A frame of the cratch, including the bit that's nearly all filler; a second coat of anti-slip paint on the right-hand gunwale and washed and polished both sides of the boat. I'm writing this with a well-deserved glass of Jennings' bitter before cooking a veg curry (from a tin!) and I might go over to the Salt Barge (pub) later.

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