Tuesday, 3 September 2013

That's it for now.

The last few days have made me realise how much I've neglected Starcross' maintenance recently and how much there is still to do.
Today I put a third coat of woodstain on the cratch frame (and then realised I'd have been better off painting it). I did put a second coat of anti-slip paint on the left-hand gunwale, although there wasn't quite enough to do it all.  At least I'll know where people are likely to slip and fall in.
I put some Fertan on a couple of rust spots on the roof and then, with the rest of the boat looking so good, I finished off by polishing the brasses. I also spent a happy hour or so mopping out the bilges - I don't know where that water is coming from!
Before heading back to Uplands I did a bit of radio listening. I've listened to "The Archers" for 35 years but have recently discovered "Ambridge Extra" on radio 4extra, which takes Archers carachters and puts them in somewhat edgier storylines (currently Matt, Lillian and Brenda mixed up with Russian gangsters!). I'm hooked, so taking Starcross back to Uplands had to wait.
I didn't go to the Salt Barge last night after all so I broke my bus journey back to Warrington at Stockton Heath, where I had a meal overlooking the Bridgewater Canal in the garden of the "London Bridge Inn" followed by some excellent Thwaites Mild and Big Ben strong ale in the Red Lion. As usual, no one could be bothered to check tickets on the train back to Lancaster. I've had a ticket now since 16 August and I'm keeping tabs on how many journies I'm making on it. It's valid for another fortnight yet and perhaps I'll report then, but please note that at all times the ticket has been available for inspection/cancellation/collection by anyone who asked!

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