Sunday, 26 January 2014

Guillemot's Crew

This is the crew of Willow Wren's hire boat Guillemot, one of three boats used by a bunch of students from Salford and Newcastle Universities (this lot are from Newcastle) on the "New Year Boat Trip" 1973/4.
Guillemot was a replacement for Grebe, which broke down on the first day and the other boats were Bittern and Union Canal Carriers' Bexhill, which is the boat I was on.
Of the eleven people in the photo, forty years on I'm still in touch with four, three of whom have crewed on Starcross although at least one of the others is no longer with us.
The trip diary records that on New Year's Eve all 29 of us spent the evening in the Navigation at Lapworth. Given that most of the other 18 didn't look very different to this lot I wonder how welcome we really were?!

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