Monday, 6 January 2014

Radio Days

Whenever I see the results of an opinion poll or survey that shows that the majority of the population's attitudes or preferences are very different from mine - and that's quite often - my response is usually "Well, they didn't ask ME".

But no more: Yesterday a knock on the door and a lady from Ipsos Mori telling me I (or rather my address) had been selected at random to take part in the next RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) Survey.
Firstly I had to complete a preliminary questionnaire designed to find out what sort of person I am. After checking I had no connection with the radio business or any other part of the media industry I was asked how many radios we had in the house. In a small two-bedroom terrace we have six sets, not counting radio available via the TV, plus one in the car, one in the shed on the allotment and three on the boat! No wonder she then asked whether or not we actually had a telly! (we do).

I now have to record all the radio listening I do for the next seven days. Not just which station, but which "platform" (FM/AM, DAB, Internet etc) and where (at home, in car, somewhere else).  Interestingly I have to include all radio that is within earshot, whether or not I have chosen it. It's a good job that the builders we have in (intermittently) at Starcross Towers are Radio 4 fans!

Already I'm finding the very act of recording tends to influence my listening choice. I'm switching the radio on when perhaps I might not usually do so, just to have something to record and I must make a point of listening to BBC Radio Wales (which I occasionally do anyway) this week because it doesn't appear on the list of stations I am "supposed" to be able to get in Lancaster.

And because the government has threatened to switch off the analogue radio signal once digital listening exceeds 50% of the total audience NONE of my listening will be via DAB!

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