Thursday, 22 May 2014

Not Going For A Burton

Yesterday the sun was bright and the air was warm enough for us to be up and away from Trent Lock by 0645, but still following another boat up the river to Sawley. We were all behind them at Derwent Mouth Lock and they agreed to wait for us at Shardlow,  although when we got there there was no sign of them and the lock was full so presumably they had caught up with someone else or someone had pulled out in front of us.
It stayed a glorious day all the way along the Trent & Mersey, although I want unhappy when the heavy broad locks ended at Stanton and the narrow ones began.
Mind you we were held up at Dallow Lock as three lads had been riding their little scooters along the towpath and one of them had ended up IN the lock (the scooter,  not its rider that is). There was a boater already there armed with shaft and sea - searcher magnet and our offer of further help was declined,  so we passed through carefully and left them to it.
We stopped briefly at Horninglow as we needed to get a bus into Burton to pick up a charger for Bernard's phone. With no idea of where the bus stop was or what time a bus might be due we emerged from the towpath to find ourselves at the stop and with a bus in sight!  (Public Transport: marvellous when it works!).
The bus even dropped us outside a mobile phone shop and we were equally lucky with buses on the way back and soon back on the boat.
You may think it hard for a beer drinker like me to pass through Burton without stopping for the night,  but Bernard doesn't touch the stuff and I like to prove to myself that I can take it or leave it now and again so we untied and carried on to Branston - and e didn't go to the pub there either!

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