Friday, 1 August 2014

Starcross in Fake Sale Scam Shock, Horror!

This blog has received a sudden spike in hits in the last few days, which led me to look a little further into the stats. The "extra" hits were on a page I posted when I had decided to sell Starcross and was intended as a temporary "for sale" advertisment before I placed her with a broker. (Here it is).

The stats also showed that the hits were coming from the Canal World Forum, so I followed the link to find this topic. The post that led to the hits was No. 5 from "Southern Star". If you follow the links in the post you'll find this fake advert (edited to say that it's now been taken down) for a narrowboat - my beloved Starcross - on sale for £5,150!!!  The scammers have lifted the text not from my own amateur sales pitch that was linked to as the "Genuine" advert, but from Norbury Wharf's own website, which I can't link to as no doubt the details were taken down once the boat was sold. The scam apparently works by hoping that someone will be stupid enough to hand over the cash, or a proportion of it, without seeing the boat. I do hope no one was daft enough to do that.

But some people at least recognise a bargain when they see one:  Have a look at Mike the Boilerman's post (No.10) on the topic.  

For the avoidance of doubt - Starcross has been sold (and only once) and yes, it was a bargain, although it did need / does need a fair amount of work doing on it  to which the new owners are, I hope, getting stuck in.

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