Monday, 20 April 2015

Busy Day at Glasson Dock

Hilary didn't start work until late afternoon today, so this morning we went for a bike ride down the old railway line to Glasson Dock, where the Lancaster Canal enters the sea (or, at least the tidal portion of the River Lune).

Being Monday, all three cafes were closed! (and the pub doesn't do food) but we managed a take away coffee and cake from the village shop and sat on the dock side enjoying the view.

It was a busy day. Despite its small size, up-river location and having the much-bigger Port of Heysham nearby, Glasson still sees a fair bit of maritime trade and there were three ships in port.

The Silver River is a general cargo vessel employed on a regular service to and from Ramsey on the Isle of Man. It was being loaded with what can only be described as "general cargo" - an assortment of machinery and mysterious packages all stored loose in the open hold.  Behind it, on the far side of the west quay outside the dock was the Holstentor, with a cargo of grain being unloaded by grab into waiting lorries.

Whilst on the east quay, was the Wilson Astakos, with a cargo of whatever was contained in those green bags dangling from the crane!

Such a lot going on in such a small port!  If only there was as much freight on the canal!

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