Sunday, 19 April 2015

Trials of a Boat Monitor (First of Many?)

Although my monitoring covers the lengthy section of the canal between Lancaster and Tewitfield, the first site is easily reached, being but a few minutes walk from home.  That doesn't necessarily make it straightforward though. I'd been told that new signs were being put up to distinguish the "48hrs" section  from the "7 Day" section of what is all one site at Lancaster. In the winter, both sections become "14 Day" sites so I expected the signs might be a little complicated.  I didn't, however, expect this:

To be fair to CRT, the sign was corrected shortly after I reported it, although whether as a result of my report or someone else's I'm not sure.  I'd also been told, via another volunteer, that additional moorings had appeared in the city. Sure enough, just under Penny Street Bridge and between there and the White Cross pub there is now a stretch of "2 Day" (not "48 hrs!) moorings. It's only 100 metres or so from the main site, so whether its considered a separate location (i.e. you can have 2 days here as well as 2 Days  48hrs round the corner) is unclear. Actually, from a monitor's point of view it matters not a jot, as the website to which we upload our sightings only recognises a "48 hr" site in Lancaster anyway!

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