Monday, 13 April 2015

Letter from Boris

One of the joys of living in a marginal constituency (Tory majority 333)  is that we get deluged with election propaganda. The party leaders have been writing to Hilary and I for some time, although for some strange reason David Cameron writes to both of us, whereas Ed Milliband only writes to Hilary! 

Now, despite Lancaster being over 200 miles from London, Boris Johnson has joined in! Boris tells me that I have a choice between a Conservative Party led by David Cameron and "an (sic) high-taxing, union-dominated" Labour party "fronted" by Ed Milliband. But Labour, apparently, cannot win an outright majority (the Conservatives can do so easily if only I vote for them) and will have to rely on the support of the SNP, which Boris seems to think is still led (or "fronted?") by Alex Salmond! (Do keep up at the back there...)

The SNP will run rings round Ed and force him to:

      "reverse the Tories' benefit reforms"  (sounds good to me!)
       "demand more spending in Scotland"  (well, they would, wouldn't they)  and
       "scrap our long-standing Trident nuclear deterrent" (sounds even better - and it would pay for a lot more spending in Scotland - and England for that matter).

Boris says that the Labour Party will take us back to the 70's.  Well, I remember the 70's:
Mini-skirted dolly-birds, trolleybuses, decent pubs, beer at 15p a pint - what's not to like? More seriously, I remember a job for everyone that wanted one (and not on a zero-hours contract), affordable house prices, responsible banks and a welcome to Asian immigrants from Uganda at a time they needed a haven.

Thanks, Boris, for completing my political education. Now, if only there was a way I could vote SNP in Lancaster!


Crusty said...

Well said Jim! I live in Grantham so have no say in this election unfortunately. Also I receive no election communication from anyone!

Halfie said...

How exciting, living in a marginal constituency! I'm just hoping that my postal vote will find me. I've asked for it to be sent to our daughter, but I'm going to have to find out about the poste restante system so she can get it to me.

Mark Doran said...

The Tory majority here in West Oxford is just 176. I'm hoping that at least 89 Tories will switch to UKIP. Go Nigel!