Monday, 29 June 2015

Big Hole in Lancaster Canal - CRT Looking into it!

The Lancaster Canal is currently closed either side of the Lune Aqueduct, north of Lancaster, after a hole (actually two holes and possibly a third) appeared in the canal bed and the water leaked out!

As a mooring ranger, I've not received any guidance as to whether I should continue checking the 48 hour moorings in the area, although given that the options for moving are limited it would seem a little unfair to report people for overstaying.

The local continuous moorers will be pleased but it's bad news  for visitors from over the Ribble, who won't be able to make full use of their time-limited visit to the canal and even worse news for anyone with a booking for a return passage before the end of July who's currently trapped north of the stoppage.

Here are a few photos of the drained section.

The stoppage is expected to continue until at least 31 July according to this CRT Stoppage Notice

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nb Carmel said...

Did they fish that wheelbarrow out whilst it was drained? Bet they didn't . . . . .
Dave on Carmel