Monday, 13 July 2015

Update on That Barrow

Despite the month-long stoppage at the Lune Aqueduct, CRT has asked its volunteer moorings wardens to continue checks. I check the busy Lancaster moorings more often than the rest of my patch and last Friday, after doing so, I continued up to the breach to see what was going on.

CRT staff have installed a rather impressive pipe along the towpath to secure the water supply for the section below the leak.

Up on the approach to the aqueduct itself this digger was hard at work

Unloading into the dumper truck. . . . 

. . . which took the diggings along this rather impressive barrow run. . . 
. . .passing on the way the wreck of the wheelbarrow that Dave on Nb Carmel commented on after my last post.. . .

. . .to unload in the winding hole at the other side of the aqueduct, from where the spoil is carried away by road. . . 

. . .except, that is, the load that has been dumped in the channel!

Meanwhile, the view from the 18th-Century aqueduct is of work progressing on a 20th-Century** transport network - the Heysham Link Road, joining the port of Heysham to the M6 via a new viaduct over the River Lune

** one hopes that the 21st-Century will eventually come up with a better solution!

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