Sunday, 15 November 2015

What I Did Last Summer

With no boat and with having to turn down a number of kind invitations to go boating due to health-related and other matters I got very little boating done last summer.  But I wasn't completely idle and the lack of a boat gave me time - and money - to spend on "pursuing other interests" as sacked politicians and executives say.

A typical bus encountered on the trip.
I do know this one - it's an Optare Solo
One of my other interests is buses. Not so much the vehicles themselves - I can't tell one sort of modern bus from another - but bus riding. I know that many people, including some readers of this blog, consider buses to be the transport of last resort, but to me they really are a "Transport of Delight"

What better then than to make a complete circuit of the country travelling by bus? More people than you might think make very long journeys by service bus and quite a few of them have written about it. A series of articles in Buses magazine by someone who had gone around  Britain by bus fuelled my imagination. But that writer had done the trip in one go - and as quickly as possible -  with the aim of providing material for a short series of articles in the magazine.  My trip would follow the coast as closely as possible, taking much longer even though I confined it to "England" rather than "Britain".

Rather than write about it on this blog I decided to start another. I didn't post as I went along (although an increasing number of buses are WiFi-equipped now) and am just getting round to writing it up.  Neither have I yet completed the trip. It was never the intention to do it as a continuous journey (not even my enthusiasm for bus travel stretches that far) but the same issues that restricted my boating activities did tend to get in the way of the buses from time to time.

Nevertheless, I have made good progress and I've started writing it up.  The blog is intended primarily as a personal record but on the off-chance that anyone else is interested I've made it public.

You can read it here:  Around the Edge of England

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