Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tea Break

This should have been a post about my visit to the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, which commemorates the birth of the Co-operative movement. I followed the signs from the bus station (all of them - it's a long way) only to find that it's closed for refurbishment!  The Co-op still does very nice tea: their "Indian Prince" blend is very good - loose-leaf of course - no modern innovations like teabags on Starcross!


No Direction said...

Jayne can still remember her mothers Co op number, 168764 very important when sent on errands.

Amy said...

We will have to get this right on the BCN challenge! I am trying to remember if there was a proper teapot in Yeoford's kitchen! Let's bring a tea strainer anyway!

Jim said...

Ray, We have swipe cards now!

Amy, I could bring mine but it only makes 3 mugs at a time!