Saturday, 17 May 2014

Perfect Pint

I'm in Swansea for the 100th anniversary celebrations of the South Wales Transport Company. The bus company I grew up with, that took me to school and later, to the pub and back in Llanelli on a Saturday night and for which my grandfather was a driver and I a conductor.
The celebrations take place tomorrow but this blog is about Boats BEER and Buses so I must  tell you about the pint I've just enjoyed in the Brunswick Arms,  the pub just round the corner from the old head office of the company (which sadly no longer exists).
Brewed by Evan Evans (itself a recreation of a famous name in Welsh brewing)  and called "Warrior " at 4.6% it was served direct from the cask, by gravity, resulting in a full glass with a light frothy head (no creamy foam)  and,  of course, at perfect,  unchilled, room temperature.

If only all beer could be like this!

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