Friday, 29 January 2016

Further Round the Edge

Dulverton, Somerset
Today I've been finalising the planning for stage 3 of my Around the Edge of England tour, which I'm doing by bus (with a little help from the odd train or ferry). So far I've used 39 buses, one tram, one train and a ferry and travelled a total of 923.3km (measured in kilometres to upset any UKIP readers!) 

The journey resumes next week and although early February isn't perhaps the best time to go bus riding for 5 days I'm realising that the speed at which rural bus services are disappearing (due to government funding cuts) I've got to do as much as I can as quickly as I can!  Already the first bus of the trip - the 89 from Lancaster to Knott End on Sea - has been scheduled for the axe and many more will follow.

But, route devised, timetables checked, hotels and train tickets booked and off I go again. There is a link to the trip blog on the sidebar but I 'll leave the writing-up until I return.


SteveB said...

It's such a shame that the current Government's policies are killing off so many rural bus routes. It may not have been a manifesto commitment, but it's been pretty effective so far.

At least Jim has time to highlight the routes that remain, but what about the people along each route who may not have access to a car? Those of working age may not be able to find jobs within walking distance, and the retired can be stuck miles away from shops and other facilities. Not good.

Jim said...

Our local Bus Users' Group has received a lot of comments from people who will be unable to get to work or school or to visit friends and families. Some of the stories are heart-rending and some sizeable villages will be left miles from the nearest bus. Our county council (Lancashire) is one of an increasing number to stop funding ALL subsidised routes. Local councils get the blame but it's the government that's at fault. When did George Osborne ever get on a bus?!