Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shopping Trolley Hotline!

British Waterways says it has finally got fed up with abandoned shopping trolleys in its canals and wants to do something about them. About time too, some would say.
So its set up a trolley hotline for us to report them so that it can remove them.

Its also announced that its to try and get the supermarkets to agree to pay for the removals on a voluntary basis, despite having the legal powers to force them to do so. You may think that's just typical wimpishness on BWs part and I happen to think its unlikely to work given the rapacious greed that characterises the supermarkets' approach to business, but in this instance its "Dopey DEFRA" that we have to blame as its their "guidance" (as BWs overseers) that requires BW to take the voluntary approach.

Believe it or not, someone at DEFRA has written a 14-page booklet on "Guidance of the Management of Shopping Trolleys" and you can read all about it here!

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An English Shepherd said...

I agree why not bill them, they make enough money from us :-)