Monday, 10 June 2013

Kildwick Invokes Memories

Kildwick, on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is one of those canalside villages that really are "canalside". The  boater gets the feeling of passing through the village, rather than past it or nearby. It's also where many of Hilary's ancestors are buried - her family were weavers in the district many years ago. Nowadays it's rather an upmarket sort of place, no doubt populated by commuters to Leeds and Bradford or by wealthy retirees.
The canal runs alongside the village street
Back yards from the canal
I wonder if that's the mill that Hilary's family worked in?
The people of Kildwick will probably not thank me for this, but I was instantly reminded of another canalside settlement by the following image. Can you guess where?

It's that wall that does it - it reminds me of the Old Main Line passing through Tipton, in the Black Country!

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